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Falun Dafa, Students groups

of Human Rights in Communist Vietnam

Press release by HRW on Mr. Hoang Minh Chinh. 

Peace, Fighting Poverty and Human Rights Education


IRAQ - News Analysis, Quang x. Pham, Nov 16, 2005

Reporters without Borders at the World Summit on the Information Society




The “Nine Commentaries”


Mom and Son - Hello Mom, still saving Vietnam ?

Những tài liệu thuyết tŕnh về vi phạm nhân quyền bằng tiếng Anh

 Mr. Nguyen Dan Que

12 Nobel Prize winners call for release of cyber-dissident Nguyen Dan Que

Vietnam muzzles the freedom of expression

Long-Imprisoned Vietnamese Doctor to Receive Human Rights Award from NY Academy of Sciences

House Approves Sanctions on Vietnam

          Published: July 19, 2004

The ships that brought Vietnamese refugees from the North to South Vietnam in 1954:
(50 years after the Geneva Agreement 1954)





American singer Country Joe McDonald will not go to Hanoi to receive a World Peace Music Award

Japan lays out new aid policy for Vietnam
All Rights Reserved
Channel NewsAsia

June 3, 2004 Thursday

HANOI: Japan, Vietnam's biggest aid donor, will link future aid for the communist nation to a series of benchmarks that include respect for human rights and its investment climate. ... to be continue....

Vietnam: Buddhist Dissident Exiled Abroad
Kidnapped Critic of Government Religious Policies Leaves Vietnam

(New York, June 23, 2004) — Thich Tri Luc, a Vietnamese Buddhist dissident who was kidnapped from Cambodia and forcibly returned to Vietnam in 2002, was permitted to leave Vietnam for a Scandinavian country, arriving today, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch said. Thich Tri Luc, whose secular name is Pham Van Tuong, was a U.N.-recognized refugee when he was abducted by Cambodian and Vietnamese agents in Cambodia and taken to Vietnam, where he was imprisoned for nearly two years. ..to be continue...

A protest against oppression, not a long-ago war

The lawyer is a Garden Grove school board member.

The column by USC professor Viet Thanh Nguyen and others ["A destructive obsession," June 6] reflects a naiveté typical of many academics on Vietnamese issues. These scholars are often oblivious to the oppression in Vietnam or the actual experiences of Vietnamese-Americans. ... Continue...

US Vietnam Trade Council Home

What is Democracy? • Qu'est ce que la Démocratie ?

Worst Forms of Child Labour Data in Vietnam

Please Pray for the Vietnamese People in Cambodia!

News From Vietnam

Persecution continues in many areas of Vietnam

Pray For Vietnam Org. Photo Album


Biggest Rights Rally Yet in Little Saigon

Free Vietnam's Web Critics 

Vietnam's Monks Return to Forefront of Protests

Lofgren Increases Pressure to Stop Vietnam Religious Persecution

Religious Freedom in Vietnam

Human Rights Without Frontiers

Religious Freedom News Links

Vietnam holds reins on religion

Re:  "No-Communist Zone" Has No Place in America - by T.Phong

( Original letter by Thuy Reed:

Dear Ms. Reed:

First, congratulation on the fact that you left Viet Nam in 1975. Otherwise you would have some bitter experiences living under a totalitarian regime. I do not have to relate the horrors of life under Stalin, Mao, and Ho here because much has been said about them. Hitler was a devil too, but his brutality and savagery was directed at foreigners, while the three communist leaders enjoyed putting to death millions of their own countrymen.  (... click to continue..)

Vietnam: Montagnards Under Lockdown
Independent Investigation of Easter Week Atrocities Needed Now 

(New York, May 28, 2004) - Fearing torture and arrest by Vietnamese troops, hundreds of Montagnards in the Central Highlands have resorted to hiding in village graves or pits dug in the forest, Human Rights Watch said today in a briefing paper..... (click here to read further...)

Schedule of Events on Tiananmen

Dear Friend,
Follows is the schedule for events on Tiananmen in Southern California.
Hope we can see you at one or more of these events.
Ann Lau
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Saturday, May 29, 2004 ....
Wednesday, June 2, 2004 .....
Friday, June 4, 2004 ....
Sunday, June 27, 2004 ....

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